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Thermometers and the Cold Chain Practitioner

Thermometers and the Managing Practitioner

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Learning with SuperSchool is designed to be easy, accessible and enjoyable.

Our training modules are highly visual and break down complex concepts into simple, easy to understand graphics with a friendly voice-over to help guide you through the course material.

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What to expect

Accessing your training portal

When you sign up for a course, you’ll receive an email that lists your login details and explains how to access our learning management system.

Simply log in to the web address provided, enter your username and the password that has been allocated to you, and select ‘Training Activities’ from the dashboard menu.

You can view your course registrations from this screen, see the modules for each course, and track your progress.

Beginning your course

When you’re ready to begin, find a quiet area where you can have the volume on your device turned up, or use headphones if you prefer. Then simply click start.

Note that to ensure our trainee’s full attention, our learning management system, like others you may have used in the past, requires you to have the training module on-screen at all times otherwise it will automatically pause.

We suggest you allocate the estimated time listed in the course details page to complete the course, and avoid multi-tasking or attempting to listen to the course in the background, as the learning management system is set up to require your dedicated attention.

Working through the course material

It’s best to try and work through a module in one go, however, you can pause the course and exit out of the learning management system if you need to. When you return, the module you’re working on will be marked ‘incomplete’ – simply click the blue ‘start’ button to pick up where you left off.

At the end of each module, a series of questions will help you check your knowledge. You will be able to see your score and can review your answers if you did not pass.

Once you complete a module, it will be marked with a green ‘completed’ flag in your dashboard. You can complete the entire course in one sitting, or work through each module individually.

Access to the course is available for one month, so you can work through the course over several days or weeks if you need to.

Completing your course

After completing all modules in your course and passing the quiz at the end of each module, your overall course will be marked with a green ‘completed’ flag.

You will be then able to download or print your certificates from the dashboard – and start putting your new skills into practice right away!

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Easy online enrolment and payment

Enrolment is available the individual course pages and is currently 100% online. And with affordably-priced courses, we encourage you to get your whole team involved!

Want to find out more about how to learn with SuperSchool?

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