Thermometers & the Cold Chain Practitioner

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mark mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Brett Meads
Brett Meads

Cold chain short course:

Most failures in cold chain deliveries are due to ‘temperature abuse’ caused by a lack of understanding of how a thermometer should properly be used.

This course is an essential tool for those on the front line of Australia’s fight against food wastage – the superheroes of the food cold chain process!

Cold chain course overview

As a professional working in the cold chain sector, you are a big part of the solution to Australia’s serious food waste problem.

Food safety depends on your knowledge and skills in temperature management and accurate use of thermometers and measurement devices.

‘Thermometers and the Cold Chain Practitioner’ is designed to boost your knowledge about temperature management in the cold chain, in an easy to follow online format.


There are four modules in the course, covering the processes of a compliant cold chain, the concept of heat energy transfer, thermometer technologies and methods of temperature measurement.

What you will learn

SCCE1001 Thermometers and the Cold Chain Practitioner consists of these 4 modules: 

FCC01 – Introduction to the cold chain

FCC02 – Heat and temperature

FCC03 – Thermometer types

FCC04 – Temperature measurement

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"This course does a really good job of clearly communicating key points of learning to the user. Ease of use is great and being able to complete each module at your own pace is very helpful."
"Design and way of presenting is nicely done. I believe everybody in the cold chain should have this knowledge."
Ron Quaedvlieg
Ron Quaedvlieg
Managing Director RQ Management, Co-Founder Euroscan Temperature Monitoring Solutions EU
"‘This is a bloody good document, and will also serve as great training material. I’ve learnt so much just reviewing it!"
long Huynh
Long Huynh
Project Manager, Food Safety and Market Access, Meat & Livestock Australia
"The Code is very clearly structured, written and illustrated and, in conjunction with this online training module, represents a practical and efficient handbook for industry practitioners."
Carol Richards
Professor Carol Richards
Program Leader, Agrifood Systems – Queensland University of Technology

About this course

Who should take this course?

This training course is designed for professionals working at the coal face of the cold chain.

It aims to help cold chain practitioners fully understand thermometers and temperature measurement, enabling better management of chilled, frozen and fresh food throughout the cold chain.

Cold chain practitioners are charged with the safe custody of Australia’s fresh food supply. They are responsible for the safe handling of chilled or frozen foods from the farm through to factory and on to the consumer.

‘Practitioners’ is a catch-all term for these essential men and women who work on loading docks, in cold rooms and in the refrigerated transport sector Australia wide.

Career outcomes

  • Assist your organisation in reducing food waste, and increasing food safety – resulting in better financial gains
  • Open up career opportunities with continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Become a leader in your field in the Australian chilled and frozen food industry
  • Become more employable by gaining a certificate to add to your resume

Meet your instructors

After spending a lifetime in the HVAC&R industry, Mark’s expertise is highly sought after. He has represented the Australian Government and Carrier Transicold at major international summits on air conditioning, refrigeration and cold chain issues. Mark is the Chairman of The SuperCool Group of Companies and holds board positions on many industry associations including the AFCCC. He is passionate about the role of HVAC&R in solving some of the world’s biggest issues such as climate change and food security. 

mark mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Lead Instructor

Brett Meads is a qualified teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive sector. With qualifications in education, engineering, automotive and business, Brett has developed a keen interest in automotive HVAC and climate control systems, as well as the study of consumer psychology.

Brett Meads
Brett Meads
Lead Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

No – this is an entry-level course designed to be accessible and easy to understand for all cold chain practitioners.

‘Thermometers and the cold chain practitioner’ has been designed for on-demand learning. Once you have access to the course you can complete the courses at your own pace, at a time convenient for you.

We typically find that trainees take 2 – 3 hours to complete this course.

Yes – upon successful completion of the course, our team will provide you with a personalised digital certificate or printed hard copy if requested (postage costs not included). You can share this with your employer or add it to your resume.

Yes – this course can be accessed online 24/7 with no in-person learning required.

From time to time, in-person training can be conducted for small groups – please get in touch if this is of interest to you.

If you are working in any part of the cold chain, a basic understanding of how and why goods need to be kept at specific temperatures is all you need to take this course.

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Continue your professional development

cold chain course training bookletThis course has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Food Cold Chain Council (AFCCC). 

The Council has recently moved to introduce a series of Cold Food Codes to help combat food waste, a major issue that costs the Australian economy nearly $4 billion per year. 

‘Thermometers and the cold chain practitioner’ is a practical and easy to digest way to understand Part 1 of the Code and learn how to fight food waste through the proper use of thermometers and accurate temperature monitoring.

This course includes a PDF copy of Part 1 of the Code for your reference. 

SuperSchool is working with industry organisations to have our courses recognised with CPD points allocated to each course. Depending on your industry association, CPD points may be available for this course. We recommend you contact the association directly to find out if this applies to you.

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