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“I’ve learnt so much!”

Our graduates agree: SuperSchool’s online training modules are easy to understand and grounded in real world solutions.

See what people are saying about our flagship course, ‘Thermometers and the Cold Chain Practitioner’

These comments are from early reviewers of the course which was reviewed in tandem with the Cold Food Code.

long Huynh

“This is a bloody good document, and will also serve as great training material. I’ve learnt so much just reviewing this.”

Long Huynh
Project Manager, Food Safety and Market Access
Meat & Livestock Australia

Carol Richards

“The Code is very clearly structured, written and illustrated and, in conjunction with the training module, represents a practical and efficient handbook for industry practitioners.”

Associate Professor Carol Richards
Program Leader, Agrifood Systems
Queensland University of Technology

Mark Barthel

“A great job of encapsulating all of the information required for a practitioner to understand the importance of an integrated cold food chain and the use of the most appropriate thermometer technology. The content was well-presented, struck a good balance between technical content and terminology at the same time as ensuring that the document was accessible and was clearly understood by the practitioner. The training module reflects the content of the booklet well and does a really good job of clearly communicating key points of learning to the user.”

Mark Barthel
Special Advisor
Fight Food Waste CRC

Nerida Kelton

“Great job. The system is easy to follow, easy to understand and the tests certainly test the student. A good way to review your knowledge with nice clear drawings for ease of understanding. It’s easy to use and a great system.”

Nerida Kelton MAIP
Executive Director
Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)


Steve Finn

“Modules are very strong, and rival what I have seen in other professionally-produced University training.”

Steve Finn
Co-founder, Managing Director
ResponsEcology Affiliated Faculty, University of Pennsylvania

Mirjana Prica

“The materials are well written and the interactive course tackles each issue at a workable pace for practitioners.”

Mirjana Prica
Managing Director
Food Innovation Australia (FIAL)

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