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mark mitchell

Lead Instructor: Mark Mitchell

After spending a lifetime in the HVAC&R industry, Mark’s expertise is highly sought after. Mark has represented the Australian Government at a global forum on mobile air conditioning and refrigeration held in Brussels, and represented Carrier Transicold Australia at a summit in London that brought together leading world experts to consider the impact of the cold chain on global food wastage.

A former vehicle air conditioning installer and repairer who earnt his stripes in the days before factory air was fitted to most vehicles, Mark is passionate about the role of HVAC&R in solving some of the world’s biggest issues such as climate change and food security. 

  • Chairman of The SuperCool Group of Companies
  • Board Member, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia
  • Founding president of VASA, currently a director
  • Significant involvement in developing the current national refrigerant handling licensing and authorisation scheme (ARC)
  • Chairman and founding member of the Australian Food Cold Chain Council
Brett Meads

Lead Instructor: Brett Meads

Brett has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive sector. With qualifications in education, engineering, automotive and business, Brett has developed a keen interest in automotive HVAC and climate control systems, as well as the study of consumer psychology.

  • 30+ years in the automotive industry
  • Vice President, VASA
  • Board Member, ARC
  • Registered Teacher, Queensland College of Teachers
  • Member, Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers
  • Consultant to:
    • Federal & State Government Departments
    • ARC
    • Refrigerant Reclaim Australia
    • GHD Consulting
    • CoolDrive Auto Parts
    • Supercool Asia Pacific
    • RACQ
    • TAFE Queensland
jon mitchell

Support Instructor: Jon Mitchell

Jon has extensive experience in transport and commercial refrigeration as well as the air-conditioning mechanical trade, specialising in transport refrigeration and off-highway MVAC applications.

This in-field experience prepared Jon well for his senior role in management, technical and service support and product development within SuperCool Group of Companies. Jon also supervises the activities of Australia’s only environmental test centre of its calibre, SuperTest – one of the largest, most advanced HVAC&R testing centres in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • 15+ years in the HVAC&R industry
  • Qualified refrigeration engineer – mechanical trade
  • Founding member, Australian Food Cold Chain Council
  • Consultant to:
    • VASA
    • Refrigerant Reclaim Australia
    • Mercedes Benz – Daimler AG Special Chassis
    • Woolworths Group

Support Instructor: René Le Miere

René has more than 20 years of experience in the stationary and mobile HVAC&R sectors.

With qualifications starting in the HVAC&R trade to diplomas in HVAC&R engineering and a master’s in business administration, René has developed a keen interest in designing equipment for climatic control whether for human occupancy or a shed of brooding chickens.

René’s real passion is all things cold and managing the process and business techniques to do so.

  • 20+ years in the stationary and mobile sectors 
  • VASA Member
  • ARC licenced
  • AIRAH Member with positions on:
    • Refrigeration conference committee
    • Resilience Special Technical Group committee

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