Mobile & Stationary HVAC&R Training

Don’t get left behind when it comes to cooling technology.

We know that things are changing fast when it comes to HVAC&R technology.

Heating and cooling systems are constantly being refined and redeveloped to keep up with the needs of consumers.

From the refrigerated transport industry through to passenger vehicles; from process cooling to supermarkets; from cold storage to ice-cold drinks: the world needs skilled HVAC&R technicians more than ever!

stationary HVAC&R training on roof top condensers

Use your new credentials to reach higher-paying customers and become the go-to expert in your niche.

Master the fundamentals that matter

Our training courses have been developed to cover mobile and stationary HVAC&R topics that you simply won’t find in traditional education institutions.

We offer practical, down to earth short courses that you can immediately put into practice in your business.

Whether your interest is in auto air conditioning and climate control, engine cooling, diagnostics, hybrids, heavy vehicles or refrigerated freight, SuperSchool’s online training courses are suitable for mechanics, auto electricians, technicians and workshop owners.

Likewise, SuperSchool’s training courses are ideal for refrigeration mechanics, HVAC technicians, air con installers, facilities management teams, service techs,  electricians, process engineers and field service engineers.

Workshop mechanic fixing vehicle air conditioning

Developed by people who have been in your shoes

SuperSchool’s lead instructor, Brett Meads, spent decades running his own successful workshop before gaining education qualifications and moving into leadership roles at VASA and the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Brett now consults to TAFE, RACQ, CoolDrive Auto Parts as well as government departments at both state and federal level. (Read Brett’s bio here).

In a nutshell: Brett knows his stuff!

Having a course instructor in your corner who understands your business means you get all the knowledge you need (and nothing you don’t).

Also leading our course development team is Mark Mitchell, a former vehicle air conditioning installer and repairer who earnt his stripes in the days before factory air was fitted to most vehicles.

Mark is passionate about the role of HVAC&R in solving some of the world’s biggest issues such as climate change and food security, and has represented the Australian Government at an international level at global refrigeration and AC forums. 

When you train with SuperSchool, there’s no fluff – just solid, useful, practical information that’s easy to digest and put into practice immediately in your business.

Improve outcomes for your customers – and get more in your back pocket

Supporting your team by enrolling them in a SuperSchool cold chain course can help to improve efficiency in your business, enable better compliance, and reduce reworks.

Help your customers keep their business on track by preventing failures in cooling systems, or preventing serious financial losses from a break in the cold chain.

Supercharge your team’s skills, boost your bottom line, and attract the most lucrative repeat customers to your business!

A smart workshop is a successful workshop

By upskilling your team (and yourself), you will promote better process management throughout your business, enable staff to take on more responsibility, and improve customer experience.

Skilled teams do great work, leading to happy customers and better profitability for your business.

air conditioning apprentice

Knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

Level up your skills to get ahead in your career.  

To find out more about our courses or speak to one of our instructors, get in touch with SuperSchool today.