Courses for the Cold Chain Industry

One quarter of Australia’s production of fruit and vegetables is never eaten.

This loss alone accounts for almost two million tonnes of otherwise edible food, worth over $3 billion.

Meat and seafood waste in the cold chain costs the country another $90 million, and dairy losses $70 million. 

Meat and seafood wasted
$ 0 million
Dairy products wasted
$ 0 million

The overall estimated cost of an under-performing cold chain is almost $4 billion per year at farm gate value.

These shocking statistics have driven experts from all parts of the industry to collaborate on a new Cold Food Code for Australia, which aims to establish guiding principles for all cold chain professionals to adopt.

Covering everything from thermometer selection and use, to transport and storage guidelines, temperature monitoring and refrigerated transport requirements, the Cold Food Code aims to improve the cold chain, achieve knowledge transfer and create behavioural change.

SuperSchool’s cold chain courses are designed to be used in tandem with the Code, as a user-friendly way for people at all levels of industry to digest this critical information and make a direct impact on reducing food waste statistics.

Drive efficiency at all levels of your business by learning how to maintain cold chain integrity and stamp out waste.

Master the fundamentals that matter

Our training courses have been created by the industry’s leading minds. They cover aspects of proper cold chain management that you won’t find in traditional education avenues.

Offering practical and immediately actionable training, our online training will supercharge your team’s skills, boost your bottom line, and ultimately help to reduce food waste across the cold chain.

Supported by the cold chain industry

Developed in conjunction with the AFCCC and its new Cold Food Code, our flagship cold chain courses are designed for industry professionals, by industry professionals.

Featuring key concepts presented in a practical, down to earth format, training courses such as those developed to complement the Code are firmly grounded in profitable business outcomes.

The Cold Chain Professional Development Series is approved by key organisations involved in refrigerated transport, fresh produce supply, food manufacturing, refrigeration and packaging.

custom designed training for food processing

Improve quality and compliance

Supporting your team by enrolling them in a SuperSchool cold chain course can help to improve compliance and ensure consistency of practices across your business.

A better understanding of the fundamental concepts of managing an efficient cold chain leads to better quality produce, improved food safety outcomes and better compliance with HACCP principles and Australian Standards.

Better for business, better for the environment

Improving Australia’s food waste problem is a long-term, multi-tiered undertaking and requires lasting behaviour change from consumers as well as improved growing and environmental practices.

However, with a quarter of the fruit and vegetables that our nation produces never even making it to the consumer, properly addressing food waste in the cold chain could have an incredible impact on our waste statistics.

By upskilling employees and promoting better process management, you can ensure precise temperature management in your business. This leads to better environmental outcomes, more sustainable food practices and better profitability.

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Be part of the solution.

Arm your team with the knowledge to fight food waste. 

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