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SuperSchool provides training in HVAC&R concepts to help businesses save money and reduce waste.

This leads to better business outcomes and a healthier triple bottom line.

Our courses are designed in tandem with industry professionals, filling the gap left by traditional tertiary education. 

We offer practical training that helps you achieve your organisation’s goals, supercharging your team’s skills and boosting your bottom line.

Our team are here to help you reduce waste in your industry for better environmental, financial and social outcomes.

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Training for every link in the cold chain.

Help drive efficiency across all levels of your business by learning how to better maintain cold chain integrity. 

Whether you’re growing lettuce, transporting vaccines or re-stocking a supermarket freezer, cold chain integrity is vital to the success of your business and the health and safety of your customers.

Our training courses help you to manage cold chain systems with confidence, stamp out food waste and improve your bottom line.

“A great job of encapsulating all of the information required for a practitioner to understand the importance of an integrated cold food chain.”
Mark Barthel
Mark Barthel
Special Advisor Fight Food Waste CRC
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The global transport refrigeration sector is one of the fastest growing, expecting to grow by 4.8% annually between 2018 and 2030.

Source: 'The Cooling Imperative: Forecasting the size and source of future cooling demand'. Economist Intelligence Unit report commissioned by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program.

Reach more lucrative customers and become the go-to expert in your niche.

Vehicle climate control is constantly being refined and redeveloped to keep up with the needs of consumers. From the refrigerated transport industry right through to passenger vehicles, things are changing and growing – fast.

Whether your business specialises in automotive climate control, engine cooling, diagnostics, hybrids, heavy vehicles or refrigerated freight, SuperSchool’s online training courses are suitable for mechanics, auto electricians, technicians and workshop owners alike.

We’ll help you and your team gain new skills and build, repair and service HVAC&R systems with confidence. 


Keep up with the changing industry landscape to supercharge your business. 

Whether you’re on the tools or driving a desk, things are changing fast and systems are getting more efficient – and more complex – by the day. 

You know the basics, but to get ahead you need specialised skills.

SuperSchool’s short courses offer insider knowledge that will keep your skills current and help you land more lucrative projects.

“The materials are well written and the interactive course tackles each issue at a workable pace.”
Mirjana Prica
Mirjana Prica
Managing Director Food Innovation Australia (FIAL)
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“Modules are very strong, and rival what I have seen in other professionally-produced University training.”
Steve Finn
Steve Finn
Co-founder, Managing Director ResponsEcology Affiliated Faculty, University of Pennsylvania


Insider knowledge for mining, construction & industrial businesses.

Get the edge over your competitors and get awarded more high-value projects by developing new skills in HVAC&R concepts. 

Our training courses are ideal for the mining industry, civil construction and a wide range of trades. Plus, every course is grounded in real-life concepts that you can immediately put into practice.

SuperSchool provides everything you need to know, packaged in a simple and easy to understand format. Set your team up with our off-the-shelf courses, or get SuperSchool to design a custom training package for your staff.


Team training that leads to better customer experience.

Giving your team the opportunity to build their skills means more confidence, better job satisfaction, increased staff retention – and ultimately, happier customers.

Our online training is designed for business managers in retail, wholesale, facilities management, health & pharmaceuticals, food processing and much more.

Every course is grounded in real-life concepts that your team can immediately put into practice in their role, boosting confidence and performance.

Companies focused on upskilling in 2021: 59%

Companies focused on upskilling in 2021 59%

The LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report states that 59% of HR and Learning and Development professionals globally identified upskilling or reskilling programs as their top priority in 2021. 

Will you join them?

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Training that's grounded in profitable outcomes.