About SuperSchool

SuperSchool is a training provider based in Australia, serving the global HVAC&R industry.

Our team consists of educators, engineers and manufacturers with a shared vision of providing targeted and relevant professional development training.

We aim to fill the gap left by traditional tertiary education, offering practical and immediately actionable online training that will supercharge your team’s skills, boost your bottom line, and drastically reduce food waste in cold chain systems.

We’re working on translating our courses into a range of different languages to ensure this vital training is available to everyone. 

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Our practical training helps solve real-world problems.

of food wasted in Australia every year
$ 100000
of food wasted annually by each household
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We’re driving a more robust and efficient cold chain

Underpinning all our online training is a strong commitment to elevating the skills of HVAC&R professionals and cold chain practitioners both locally and globally, and ultimately reducing food and production waste for better environmental and economic outcomes.

Our educational content is founded in industry best practice, coupled with a down-to-earth and approachable training style. 

Developed through detailed needs-based analysis, SuperSchool training courses have been designed around a focussed, practical curriculum that offers tangible, profitable outcomes.

Each year, more than one third of food
produced globally is wasted.

Our history and our future

SuperSchool is a division of SuperCool Group of Companies, a multi-faceted Australian business that champions continual improvement throughout all types of stationary and automotive HVAC&R systems.

Born from this hunger for knowledge and understanding, SuperSchool is an amalgamation of many years of training and expertise by industry veterans both within and outside of SuperCool.

Our goal is to help individuals and organisations gain the knowledge to confidently manage and maintain both automotive and stationary HVAC&R systems for the best business outcomes.

The SuperSchool team is committed to acting with integrity and presenting unbiased, professional and transferable skills for the good of the industry.

We’re invested in raising the profile of the HVAC&R sector and each of our team takes a personal interest in promoting lifelong learning.

We’re always just a phone call away and we make time for others who want to drive the industry forward.

Data-driven research = reliable results

With unlimited access to Australasia’s largest purpose-built testing and certification facility for mobile and stationary HVAC&R, SuperSchool’s training content can be scientifically validated and simulated in real-world conditions.

With continuous learning and improvement, our trainers are constantly building their own knowledge and staying abreast of new developments.

This means that our courses are designed based on up to date concepts and proven data, resulting in practical, positive outcomes for trainees.

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Customised in-person and online training for your organisation

With publicly available courses designed for broad industry concepts, through to white-label courses developed in tandem with manufacturers, SuperSchool can provide end to end training and certification for your team.

Our white-label clients benefit from a process of skill assessment, gap analysis, and objective mapping, resulting in agile content development designed to meet your specific needs.

We provide unique educational solutions, providing tailored professional development opportunities not available elsewhere.

Educational engagement is available through traditional face-to-face delivery and an advanced online e-learning capability.

We offer flexible learner management strategies, from SuperSchool managed programs to on-site management of learner groups, including advanced reporting and certification options.

Training for the industry, created by the industry.

SuperSchool develops professional development courses in cold chain processes, HVAC&R and more. Off-the-shelf and bespoke training courses available.

Learn today. Do tomorrow.