Supercharge your HVAC&R career with practical training courses from industry-leading instructors.

Practical HVAC&R training for everyone!

Upskill your career with practical courses from industry-leading instructors.

SuperSchool is the trusted source for detailed HVAC&R training: your knowledge source for real-world skills.

Our courses are designed for industry professionals, by industry professionals, and give you results that you can start using immediately in your field of expertise.

With a range of practical courses focussed around HVAC&R topics, our down to earth training modules are suitable for both seasoned professionals and those at the beginning of their career.

Designed to be easy to comprehend and grounded in profitable outcomes, our courses provide the missing link between traditional tertiary education and hands-on workplace training.

We help cold chain and HVAC&R professionals like you sharpen your skills, helping to create a confident, knowledgeable and efficient workforce.

Giving HVAC&R training to staff


Help drive efficiency across all levels of your business by learning how to better maintain cold chain integrity. 

Manage HVAC&R systems with confidence and help stamp out food waste and improve your bottom line.

Workshop mechanic fixing vehicle air conditioning


Learn down to earth, practical skills that you can apply immediately in your workplace.

Increase your knowledge of mobile & stationary HVAC&R systems, whilst boosting your confidence and your earning capacity.

site supervisor with hard hat


Support your team by providing them access to specialist HVAC&R training. 

Open doors to more lucrative projects by offering specialised services to niche mining, industrial, trade and construction markets.

training for business managers


Give your team the opportunity to grow and expand their skills. 

Online self-paced or face-to-face courses designed to solve real-world HVAC&R problems. We provide training for beginners through to seasoned professionals.

Get technical know-how that’s hard to come by.

Your lead instructor at SuperSchool is Brett Meads.

Brett is an experienced course designer with extensive technical know-how who has trained countless people throughout his career.

With over 30 years in the automotive industry, Brett managed a successful workshop and now sits on the ARC board as well as holding the Vice President position with VASA and consulting to government departments, education heavyweights and private companies.

Impressive credentials aside, Brett is passionate about raising the profile of the HVAC&R sector and is genuinely interested in helping others succeed in their career.

Brett Meads

Lead Instructor, Brett Meads

Who can learn with SuperSchool?

SuperSchool helps professionals working in all areas of HVAC&R to ensure that their systems are managed with precision.

This includes automotive and stationary applications for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration. We partner with industry associations across the cold chain, as well as the pharmaceutical, commercial and data management sectors.

Learning with SuperSchool will increase your team’s knowledge and skills, resulting in better efficiency, less waste and more profitable outcomes for you and your business.

‘The materials are well written and the interactive course tackles each issue at a workable pace.’
Mirjana Prica
Mirjana Prica
Managing Director, Food Innovation Australia (FIAL)
'Modules are very strong, and rival what I have seen in other professionally-produced University training.'
Steve Finn
Steve Finn
Co-founder Managing Director, ResponsEcology | Affiliated Faculty, University of Pennsylvania
'A great job. The system is easy to follow, easy to understand and the tests certainly test the student. A good way to review your knowledge with nice clear drawings for ease of understanding. It's easy to use and a great system.'
Nerida Kelton
Executive Director, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)
refrigerated cold storage in supermarket

Popular Cold Chain Courses

Thermometers and the Cold Chain Practitioner

Accurate temperature measurement using the correct temperature measuring technologies is the most critical role of the cold chain practitioner.

This course is ideal for professionals working in both automotive and stationary aspects of the cold chain, including refrigerated transport, freight, 3PL, warehousing, supply chain, distribution, production, manufacturing and retail.

Trainees who sign up for this course typically have a good grounding in the general principles of how the cold chain functions, but are looking to boost their skills with professional development training to better manage critical control points throughout the cold chain.

This training course is designed to keep you and your team up to date with industry best practices, ensuring quality and compliance across your organisation. 

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Professional HVAC eLearning courses in cold chain processes, refrigeration, air conditioning and more.

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